TY Business Consultancy is a trading style of TY Consulting Ltd, company number 10476284 and registered address: Demsa Accounts, 278 Langham Road, London, United Kingdom, N15 3NP

Ilayda is a professional landscape and interior designer. During her visit to Northern England, she spotted sites, parks and gardens which she could improve remarkably.


A detailed market research carried out by TY Business Consultancy revealed that  landscape architecture businesses in West Yorkshire lack technical expertise in 2D and 3D visualisations and have poor digital marketing and communications. Ilayda realised if she can advertise her technical skills, she can build up a strong business in the region. 

Based on the detailed competitor and potential market research, TY Business Consultancy created a strong business plan and financial forecast for VioletArch Limited.  Pricing strategy of the business has been determined by considering competitors' prices as well as willingness to pay for competitive landscape and interior design services in West Yorkshire. Accordingly, three year sales forecast and projected profit/loss accounts have been created for VioletArch.

Ilayda has obtained the required permission to trade in the UK owing to strong market analysis and business planning TY Business Consultancy have provided. 
VioletArch will be supported by TY Consultancy throughout its start-up and growth journey. 

VioletArch Limited

Landscape and Interior Design, West Yorkshire, UK

Ozgur, an IT engineer with twenty years of experience, has seen the market growth of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK and decided to establish EmbersTech, an IT management and consultancy business providing high quality IT services for small businesses in London.

Ozgur had already created his business plan but he needed good value translation and financial forecast services. TY Consultancy translated his 15 pages of business plan and added 5 pages of sales and financial forecast based on his business model and market research. 

Ozgur's application for starting a business in the UK was successful thanks to his professional business plan and due diligence. The business now operates in London and provides IT services designed to support start-ups in varying sectors. 

EmbersTech Limited

IT Consultancy and Support, London, UK

"On appointment to Amber Energy, EBRD recommended TY Consulting Ltd to assist in our delivery on a project in Istanbul, Turkey, helping a student accommodation provider with the sustainable design and operation of a proposed building being in-part funded by the Bank.


Tugce Yilmaz supported on two return visits to Istanbul and helped facilitate meetings, interpret discussions and research and translate documents. Tugce was instrumental to the success of the project Tugce, through her interpersonal and oratory skills together with her diligent professionalism means that I would, without any hesitation, recommend her services. TY Consulting Ltd will certainly form an integral part of any project delivery team for future Amber Energy services delivered in Turkey"

amber energy

Energy Management Consultancy, Cardiff, UK

"Tugce has been very beneficial for my business with her innovative ideas, creating balance sheets and financial statements which were all a big mystery to me before working with Tugce. With all these vital things in place I now have the ability to expand the business to greater heights." 

2B Property

Property Investment and Management, Surrey, UK

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